Who is our Grandma Elizabeth E Rainey/Pipkin Cox Shoffner?


She is listed in the Pipkin Family in 1840


Philip Pipkin (age 45) in Marshall County, Southern Division, MS (census family 794) with Ursa (38), Elizabeth E (16), Stephen L (14), Martha A (11), Geo H (10), Eliza J (4) and one year old Jno H

(Stephen is listed as Stephen S in the listing by FamilySearch)


The bio from CHB on Find A Grave raises the same questions I have regarding Elizabeth’s family.  Elizabeth E. Pipkin Shoffner

I have found no death certificate but her headstone reads E.E.COX SHOFFNER


The Marshall MS record shows their marriage in 1836.  Based on the 1840 census Elizabeth was 12, Stephen was 10, Martha was 7 and George was 6 when they married.  Eliza and John were born after they wed. 

In my opinion “illegitimate” is extremely unlikely at that time and it would have had to last for years if that were the case.  I believe the children were the product of blended households after both spouses were lost in some event.

Philip Pipkin and Ursey Rainey 1836 marriage


Other than their marriage I have found no additional information on Ursa Rainey using multiple variations on the spelling of her first name.

Pipkin Family Association Newsletter lists the family but little more


I found no records on Stephen using the Rainey, Pipkin or Pipkins name.

Martha is listed marrying Christopher L Martin in 1854 using the Pipkin name

I have found no records on George using the Pipkin or Pipkins name.

A George Rainey is listed as marrying 10 July 1869 in MS to Lilly Thomas.


And then Shoffner:

Excerpt from “Early Settlers On The Pototoc Trail - Potts Camp, MS

The first Potts Camp Post Office was built of logs ------It closed when the Civil War started n 1861.

The Federal Troops stationed in Memphis and Holly Springs rode through the country raiding homes, burning barns and houses and stealing horses, food, and valuables.


Family stories claimed John was taken but no indication of his death. 

His fathers will, dated December 4, 1862 states “the heirs of John C Cox”

Elizabeth married Jacob E. Shoffner on July 15, 1863 in Marshall Co., Mississippi.

The next stop was Moscow Tennessee, and that is another story.