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Family stories, assorted documents and my Grandfathers birth certificate statement put us in Tennessee.

This is traced from where we are when we start, working backward in our family history.

This is pretty focused but along the way it comes alive.  Stories, wills and other documents from late 1800’s East Texas, West Tennessee reconstruction, North Mississippi settlements, early 1800’s Georgia and South Carolina along the Savannah River are great especially when you know your family and cousins lived there then.


My Granddad:




My Great Granddad:

Jim Cox in Titus County Texas 1900 and 1930 census listing birthplace as Mississippi and fathers birthplace as MS later found to be in GA.




With recent access to copies of death certificates in Texas a lot of details have been confirmed.

James Franklin Cox, born in 1851 and died March 20, 1941 in Titus County, Texas

And his siblings:

Calvin Meadows Cox, (Find A Grave) born in 1854 and died Oct. 7, 1908 in Bowie County, Texas

Amanda Elizabeth Cox Rountree, born in 1855 & died Nov. 14, 1939 in Paris, Texas

George Stephen Cox: born in 1857 and died April 19, 1931 in Lamar County, Texas


Property for sale (power of attorney) and studying the history of the Moscow Tennessee area led me to post war research and the locating of a disallowed claim that provided lots of detail.  This claim also provides two more families to research, Chambers and Henley.



Chambers Probate after Civil War experience

Jemima Chambers 1872 Disallowed Southern Claims Commission petition





Then I found them in Arkansas


It seems that John and a Cousin with the same name as one of his brothers but 10 years older, moved to land in AK (next door to each other on census).  Although I have not found his dad in Arkansas, Shad Cox found his will naming all his children and thus confirming the family in Mississippi.

1862-William B Cox-Ark-will

1862-William B Cox-Ark-will-transcribtion


My impression of events during this period

Our Cox Family Civil War experience

Some details about the times in the areas:

Potts Camp settlement and the Civil War

Excerpts from a Union Soldier diary



With the Arkansas information I found them in Mississippi

1850-Cox-MS-Marshall-census (listed in Ancestry as Cop)


In 1853 William B. Cox’s son John C, eldest of 10 children marries Elizabeth Rainey who is the (unofficially) adopted daughter of Phillip Pipkin.

1853 John Cox married Elizabeth Rainey, 03 May 1853

Cox, John - Rainey, Elizabeth - 03 May 1853



Philip Pipkin (age 45) in Marshall County, Southern Division, MS (census family 794) with Ursa (38), Elizabeth E (16), Stephen L (14), Martha A (11), Geo H (10), Eliza J (4) and one year old Jno H

Who is our Grandma Elizabeth E Rainey/Pipkin Cox Shoffner?

This in itself is an interesting study. (Philip Pipkin married Ursula Rainey on 12 July 1836, so far unable to locate Ursula Rainey in any other census)


William B. Cox married Rhoda Allen, Nov. 9, 1830  ELBERT COUNTY, GEORGIA MARRIAGES 1806-1809, record 351


W. B. Cox Sr. (40-50) female (30-40), male (20-30) and 6 other kids




Joseph Allen died 1833 (age est 71) Elbert b est 1762 wife b 1767 d after 1833 (Rhoda's father)



This will is written 29 Oct 1830, Rhoda and William married 9 Nov 1830.

William B. Cox married Rhoda Allen, Nov. 9, 1830 ELBERT COUNTY, GEORGIA MARRIAGES 1806-1809, record 351



Joseph Allen proof of service:

1827-GA Veterans Land Grants



John was the eldest son and one of his brother’s descendants had established a Patriot Ancestor with the DAR, so I had it made, right!   Unfortunately, the proof used for this patriot had been found unreliable so it had to be reproved. 

DAR records: Nat'l #: 510775 Ancestor #: A001697

Their research was helpful in that it gave me the maiden name of his wife and the county in GA (a great help).  All it took was a few months of researching 30 years of GA history to find the document that GA used for the proof to give him a land grant.


Details in the DAR document indicated that William B was from the Pendleton District of South Carolina.  Some unverified details are listed and linked in another page.


More links and details can be found on the “Proof and Links” tab at the bottom of

Our Cox Family Tree (Chart with Detail and Proof tabs)





Penwood Rountree (deceased), Helen Cox (deceased), Shad Cox, Michael Cox and numerous other relatives.

Additional resources provided by wonderful work by folks that volunteer many hours locating, transcribing and scanning public records to share and guidance from the Fort Worth Library and NARA Fort Worth personnel,.